Balzi bar

About us

BALZI BAR - is amazing place, located in Moscow`s downtown.

BALZI BAR occupied the first hall of the BALZI ROSSI restaurant and became a fundamentally new conception in restaurant business, which is unique in everything: interior combines soft cozy light and brutal furniture from solid oak; atmosphere is impregnated with the spirit of its owner-traveler and saturated with various decorative attributes from different corners of the world; unique author's cocktail card and author's snacks for every taste.

But the main extraordinary innovation of BALZI BAR are FOODTAILS - unique author's cocktails where food becomes a continuation of drink. It seems to be crazy idea, but only after trying these unusual combinations, you can feel how they complete, disclose and balance each other.

Cold, hot, sweet and non-alcoholic - there are FOODTAILS for every taste here!

Actually Balzi Bar leaves the impression of a one-of-a-kind. It will «suit everyone» and «fit everything»: followers of intensive rhythm of life will be able to quickly enjoy lunch (600/900rub) or just take away coffee; romantic people will bring their halves to surprise them; friends will find in the menu «dishes to share» and will take up cozy armchairs for pleasant conversation or joint watching of sports broadcasts.


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