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About us

Cocktail card at BALZI BAR was developed by our Bar Manager Alexey Trunov. Along with an experienced team of bartenders, he takes care of the eclectic card by constantly updating and improving it, following the latest trends of the Moscow cocktail industry.

Each one of his author cocktails is well thought out to the smallest detail and is enriched with a fine taste. Only expensive refined ingredients, perfectly matching to each other, are used.
Thus, an ice used for preparation of all cocktails is specially cut out from mineral blocks, the syrups are handmade, and all infusions are set under the strict guidance of a bar manager; For example, a Lavender, containing the special flavor, is delivered from the Russian regions, as a must. Cocktails are designed with distinctive attention: a flower powder is used, and instead of protein in molecular foam, the squeeze from Quillaia bark is applied.

The BALZI BAR plays a special role in the concept of the restaurant. This is a cozy room where guests can sit on the sofas for a pleasant, friendly conversation, have a coffee or enjoy a cocktail in the evening. In a daytime, supporters of an intense rhythm lifestyle can always come to lunch with the 30% discount on all of our menu items.

In addition, here one can order a fresh fish from the Raw Bar delivered directly from the Seychelles. Only here you can find a such one!



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