27 January 19:30
Дорогие гости, приглашаем Вас в среду, 22 ноября в 19:30 на дегустацию вин Франции. Стоимость винной дегустации - 2500₽ на одну персону (включая 5 блюда). Количество мест ограничено, предварительная запись по телефону обязательна: +74951447414
Reservation required


23 December 19:30
Christmas Italian Dinner
Emanuele Mongillo invites guests to an Italian Christmas Dinner to prepare an exclusive 4-course set and share the cooking secrets. The sommelier will select the wine for the perfect combination - a real gift for gourmets! Cost 4900
19 November 19:00
Four hands dinner
November 19 - will be a dinner in which the chef of Balzi Rossi, Emanuele Mongillo, meets the chef of the Butler restaurant, Giuseppe Davi, in his kitchen. They will present to the guests special 6-course menu and share the secrets of cooking. Price 5900
28 October 19:30
Master Class Dinner
The chef is preparing a culinary show, in which 3 guests who won a ticket in the lottery of the past dinner will take part. Together they will prepare a signature 4-course set, and the bar-chef will present a dessert cocktail
30 September 19:30
Master class dinner
The signature 4-course menu from the chef Emanuele Mongillo, 4 exquisite glasses of wine and the signature cocktail performed by the bar-chef Alexey - all this on the stage of Balzi Rossi. Price 3900₽
04 September 20:00
On September 4th at 20:00 we invite you to meet autumn and weekends with a DJ set at Balzi Rossi! We will enjoy Italian dishes, signature cocktails and an amazing atmosphere!
27 August 19:30
Four-handed master class dinner
August 27, one of the best Italian chefs Emanuele Mongillo and Marco Iachetta will surprise guests with unique combinations, for which our sommelier will choose harmoniously matching wines. Price 4900₽
14 August 20:00
Summer sounds in Balzi Rossi
On the 14th of August we will meet the weekend in Balzi Rossi! We will enjoy Italian dishes, cool drinks and an amazing atmosphere under the summer sounds of a DJ set
07 August 20:00
Summer sounds in Balzi Rossi
On Friday, August 7, from 20:00, we will meet August to the best tracks of this summer! Dj-set on the summer terrace and in the main hall.
29 July 19:00
Master Class Dinner
July 29 will be a master class dinner, the main ingredients of which are rabbit, calamary and asparagus! The chef is ready to surprise you with his new gastronomic creations, for which the sommelier will choose harmoniously matching wines. Cost: 3900
10 July 20:00
Summer sounds in Balzi Rossi
We will enjoy Italian dishes, cool drinks and an amazing atmosphere with summer sounds of the DJ set, which will be on the terrace and in the main hall!
02 July 19:00
We are pleased to announce that Balzi Rossi is continuing the series of master class dinners! July 2 at 19:00 in true Italian traditions our chef Emanuele Mongillo will introduce for you best recipes! Price: 3900rub
26 June 19:00
Welcome Back
Dear friends, we are pleased to open the doors of our restaurant again! We invite you to the restaurant "Balzi Rossi" on JUNE 26th at 19:00, where will be: welcome drinks and compliments, DJ-set and live music and culinary masterclass from our chef!
08 March 19:00
March 8th restaurant Balzi Rossi congratulates and invites you to spend a weekend at our place! Waiting for you: live music, art performance, romantic dinner, chef's compliment and others! Booking conditions - +74951447414
05 March 19:30
Degustation of signature cocktails
5/03 at 19:30 we invite you to a degustation of signature set of 4 cocktails of bar-manager Alexey Trunov, accompanied appetizers by the Chef! Alexey will talk about the art and culture of mixology. Cost 2900
18 February 19:30
Gastronomic dinner
18/02 at 19: 00, you will find a special menu of dishes based on rabbit and Jerusalem artichoke,the chef will prepare them in front of the guests, the sommelier will offer them delicious drinks, and the bar-chef cocktail. Cost 3900 R.
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